Primer + Nourish Bundle

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This program is the PRIMING tool to help you build a solid foundation in your quest for a great physique. In this eight-week program, designed for both male & female, I coach you to master the required basics to achieve your fitness goals. Let’s dig deep and build that physique!

With both Bodybuilding and Nutrition guides, you’ll have a powerhouse of information to get you started in your Vegan Bodybuilding journey. In PRIMER, you get 8 weeks of my training to build your foundation, and NOURISH will teach you how to fuel your training with my approach to Vegan nutrition.



  • You get everything you need to start BodyBuilding on a Vegan diet
  • 8 Week training plan to reshape your physique
  • Videos demos for every exercise to help you with proper form
  • Increase muscle mass & definition
  • 45+ Delicious & simple recipes including pre & post workout meals
  • Recharge and heal your metabolism
  • Built for both Men & Women

PRIMER Bodybuilding Guide

Once you download my training guide, you’ll immediately see how easy it is to dive into the training! The layout of each training week is simple yet functional, and you’ll enjoy the interactive features that make navigation a breeze!

PRIMER Bodybuilding Guide

You will immediately feel the burn during your first training day as I guide you to prime your body with Aesthetics in mind! Every warm up, stretch, and exercise has my video tutorial included to coach you to focus on proper form and to prevent injuries.

PRIMER Bodybuilding Guide

The Primer program begins with learning the basics to start the process of reshaping your physique. Each week, I will challenge you with tougher sets and reps to push your body's limits. The second half of this program is designed to shock your body to bypass the typical “plateau” many people experience.

NOURISH Nutrition Guide

With this guide, you'll delve into my realm as a vegan bodybuilder, and learn my methods of consuming nutrition and how it coincides with my training. You'll learn what veganism means to me, how it benefits my training, and how it can benefit you as well.

NOURISH Nutrition Guide

Are you a new vegan and looking for nutritional guidance, or looking to transition to become a natural vegan athlete? As a vegan since 1998 and Pro Bodybuilder since 2008, I'll guide you through your journey and help you build a healthy long-term relationship with food.

NOURISH Nutrition Guide

Includes 45+ delicious and simple meals you can incorporate into your daily fitness regimen. As an athlete, you’ll open your tastebuds to new amazing flavors beyond traditional and restrictive bodybuilding meal plans. You’ll enjoy the user-friendly layout with interactive features making navigation a breeze!


  • My Take on Protein and Muscle Gains
  • No Calorie Counting Complexities
  • Weekly Points Tracker
  • Overcome Binge Eating
  • Proper Warmup & Stretching
  • Easy To Follow Workout Layout
  • Focus on Symmetry Aesthetics
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Easy to Follow Recipe Layout
  • Stress-Free Meal Point System
  • Meal Points System for lbs & kg
  • Balance Your Sweet Tooth
  • Proper Form To Prevent Injuries
  • Build Strength & Endurance
  • Rest & Recovery Tips
  • Tips & Encouragement


  • Access to a standard gym.
  • Perseverance and determination!

Recipes inside


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